From Britain’s First Black Firefighter to the Strange Career of the Statue in Modern American History

This week, we welcomed two guest speakers as part of Black History Month UK. Great-granddaughter of Britain’s First Black Firefighter shares her family story Guest speaker, Dr Samantha Harding, with Marilyn Gentle-Walsh of Guildhouse School, London Dr Samantha Harding visited Guildhouse School, London, to talk about George Arthur Roberts, her great-grandfather. Samantha reflected on his […]

Dispelling the myth of Black lives during the Victorian Era in Britain

On display at The Guildhouse School (formerly CATS London), this month is Exhibition in A Box. It comprises 30 remarkable A3 image panels of 19th century photographs portraying people of African, Caribbean and South Asian descent during the Victorian era in Britain. The exhibition aims to facilitate engagement and promote cultural diversity through photography. Here’s […]

CATS Global Schools Celebrates Black History Month UK

October marks Black History Month in the UK. This national celebration aims to promote and celebrate Black contributions to British society and to foster an understanding of Black history. It’s the sister-celebration of Black History Month in the USA, which is marked every February – the month chosen for the birthdays of Frederick Douglass, the […]

Celebrating Juneteenth 2022

In July 2020, in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, we launched our action plan, ‘Making Change: Promoting inclusion and opportunity for the black community. We pledged to do better to eradicate racism and create positive change. To commemorate Juneteenth in 2022, we share some developments from around the group. “It’s great that people have […]

Making change: Promoting inclusion and opportunity for the black community

Today we publish “Making Change: promoting inclusion and opportunity for the black community”. Focusing on curriculum design and student experience, recruitment, training and development, and community outreach, we are seeking to educate and create opportunities within our workplace and school communities. We have committed to:  Develop scholarship and mentorship programmes Provide unconscious bias training for […]

Black Lives Matter: our focus for change

In support of the Black Lives Matter movement to eradicate racism, I recently promised that we would look at our organisation to identify what we could do to be part of the change. Creating space for staff to share ideas about the change they want to see has informed our initial commitment. We are going to […]