CATS University Foundation Programme (UFP)

CATS UFP is delivered as a qualification in four CATS Global Schools: Worthgate School Canterbury, Guildhouse School London, CATS Cambridge and Bosworth Independent School.

CATS UFP is closely linked to Year 1 university courses in terms of skills although all assessments have been designed for Level 3 (A Level equivalent) in terms of challenge. Our external examiners scrutinise the programme throughout the year.

Subjects by School

All students, regardless of the school they choose, follow the same specifications.

SubjectWorthgate SchoolGuildhouse SchoolCATS CambridgeBosworth Independent School
English Literature   
Financial Trading   
International Relations   
Visual Arts 


Students complete the same assessments and examinations for each subject regardless of their school or length of course, including Fast Track courses.

Final exams will all take place in the last two weeks of May, except for students starting a three term programme in January. They sit their exams in late July. Our external examiners, from UK universities, verify that the standard of the Fast Track programme is the same as the standard programme.

The qualification is graded on a letter scale A*-U.

We would generally expect UFP grades to be treated as equivalent to A Level. (UCAS treats them as equivalent).