Making change: Promoting inclusion and opportunity for the black community

Today we publish “Making Change: promoting inclusion and opportunity for the black community”. Focusing on curriculum design and student experience, recruitment, training and development, and community outreach, we are seeking to educate and create opportunities within our workplace and school communities. We have committed to:
  • Develop scholarship and mentorship programmes
  • Provide unconscious bias training for staff
  • Create a more diverse curriculum
  • Develop a lecture programme to raise awareness and educate our school communities
  • Set up in-school Diversity & Inclusion Committees
Over the coming months, we will share updates on our progress.
If you would like to discuss a potential partnership with us, please get in touch with the relevant working group coordinators:
  • Community Outreach – Karin Askham, Rector, CSVPA
  • Recruitment, Training and Development – Tim Gladston, People & Engagement Director
  • Curriculum Design – Craig Wilson, Executive Principal
  • Student Experience – Ben Bonaventura, Head of School, CATS Academy Boston