CATS Global Schools Celebrates Black History Month UK

October marks Black History Month in the UK. This national celebration aims to promote and celebrate Black contributions to British society and to foster an understanding of Black history. It’s the sister-celebration of Black History Month in the USA, which is marked every February – the month chosen for the birthdays of Frederick Douglass, the African American social reformer, and Abraham Lincoln, the president who fought for the abolition of slavery.

“As a global education provider, we have a role to play in celebrating black history.”

Chris Stacey

CEO, CATS Global Schools

CATS Global Schools is playing its part to help raise awareness and educate our school communities on the contribution made by Black people throughout British history. We have developed an information hub, which offers a variety of resources and information. Employees are encouraged to explore what the hub offers, have a conversation about a moment in black history, or engage in events and activities.
Three guest speakers will be joining CGS in their celebrations:
Dr Samantha Harding will reflect on her great-grandfather’s life as Britain’s first Black firefighter.
Jody Burton, co-author of Black London, will talk about her new travel guide showcasing over 120 Black History sites across London, from Cleopatra’s Needle to the Black Lives Matters mural in Woolwich.
Mena Fombo will deliver her powerful TEDxBristol talk “No. You can’t touch my hair”, sharing her experiences growing up as a Black woman.
CEO of CATS Global Schools, Chris Stacey comments:
“As a global education provider, we have a role to play in celebrating black history.
“Personally, I’ve enjoyed learning about some lesser-known Black pioneers as part of my self-education.
“I’m equally encouraged to see the outcomes of the continued work to raise awareness of black history within our schools over the past 24 months. This national celebration continues our commitment to promoting inclusion and opportunity for the black community.”
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