Celebrating Black History Month UK: Bringing Black London to Life

Last week Jody Burton, librarian and co-author of Black London, visited CATS London to talk about her new travel guide showcasing over 120 Black History sites across London – from Cleopatra’s Needle sitting on the Victoria Embankment, carved in Egypt three and a half thousand years ago, to the Black Lives Matters mural in Woolwich.
Year 12 students had the opportunity to ask questions about Jody’s research and writing process and learn more about iconic landmarks in London.

“I remember standing in Trafalgar square and looking up at Nelson’s Column and seeing a black figure on one of the plaques. I couldn’t believe I’d walked past so many times and not noticed.”

Jody Burton

Co-author of Black London

One student commented:

“It was an interesting topic… Jody is smart and brave to show us her culture and share her knowledge with us.”

A staff member added:

“I particularly liked the way Jody made links to different landmarks and areas of London, highlighting opportunities to visit or perhaps go back to landmarks to discover what may have been missed or not realised was there.”

Jody Burton is one of several guest speakers helping CATS Global Schools celebrate Black History Month UK.