CATS Global Schools to concentrate its English language provision in the UK

CATS Global Schools (CGS) has made a strategic decision to concentrate its English language offering, provided by Stafford House, on centres that are co-located with the group’s international high schools and its international summer schools (Stafford House Study Holidays).
As a result, CGS has sold three of its Stafford House centres – Brighton in the UK, Calgary and Toronto in Canada – to Bayswater Education.
CATS Global Schools will continue to operate a global network of schools in the UK, US and China with its English language provision delivered by Stafford House English language centres in Cambridge, Canterbury and London and its junior summer programmes operation delivered by Stafford House Study Holidays at schools around the globe.
Chris Stacey, CEO, CATS Global Schools comments:
“We have made the strategic decision to concentrate our English language offering, provided by Stafford House, on the centres which are co-located with schools in our international high school division and Stafford House Study Holidays.
“I’m excited about this new chapter for Stafford House and the direction we are taking the division with a renewed focus on our UK centres. This decision allows us to provide a greater variety of programmes to prepare our English language learners for success and consolidate investment for the long term.
“CATS Global Schools remains committed to educational excellence, preparing students for their futures through our unique portfolio of 13 institutions including independent boarding schools, international high schools, an arts school, and year-round/summer English language schools.”
Recent investments in Stafford House have included the launch of a new professional certificate, “Bloomberg Market Concepts”. Stafford House London is the first English language school to offer Bloomberg Market Concepts certification, with lessons taking place in the Bloomberg Lab at its sister school CATS College, London. The course gives international students a solid foundation on a Bloomberg Terminal, the tool used by finance professionals all over the world, at the same time as developing their English language skills through a project-based curriculum.
Carl Roberton, General Manager of Stafford House adds:
“We’re always looking at ways we can develop the student experience. We want to ensure they have the practical skills they need to succeed in the workplace.”
Stafford House has also recently announced a partnership with Macmillan Education which enables Stafford House students to supplement their classroom learning with new digital content and for 2022, a new junior centre in Bournemouth is added to the Stafford House Study Holidays portfolio, which welcomes international juniors age 8+.
Chris Stacey adds:
“We’re pleased that Bayswater Education has made a commitment to these schools’ futures, and we wish them every success.”
Stephan Roussounis, a former Managing Director of Stafford House and co-founder/MD of Bayswater Education (owners of Eurocentres), explained:
“I established these three schools for Stafford House when I worked there, and know the teams and facilities are excellent. We are delighted to welcome them to the Bayswater – Eurocentres family. A return to Canada for Eurocentres was a logical choice, being one of the most attractive destinations for international students. In Brighton, we have been partnering with Stafford House for a number of months. Combining Stafford House with Eurocentres in Brighton brings only positive benefits.”
All Stafford House school employees impacted by the sale will be transferred as part of the agreement.