CATS Global Schools Strengthens its Leadership Team

CATS Global Schools has further strengthened its leadership team following the recent internal promotions of Katya Bryzgalova, Global Sales Director, and Polly Tzortzi, Global Marketing Director, in January 2022.
CEO Chris Stacey boosts his leadership line-up with several internal promotions creating an executive team of 12 experienced and knowledgeable professionals.
Chris Stacey

“The new leadership structure recognises and promotes the talent that has sustained success throughout the pandemic.”

Chris Stacey

CEO, CATS Global Schools 

Current senior leaders Craig Wilson and Karin Askham assume broader responsibilities.
Craig Wilson is appointed Managing Director, Schools, assuming full responsibility for all six UK boarding schools (CATS Cambridge, Canterbury, London, Bosworth Independent College, Bournemouth Collegiate School and St Michael’s School). His remit includes developing a school governance framework, compliance, safeguarding, school operations, financial performance and academic oversight.

“I am delighted to take on the role of Managing Director, Schools at this point in the group’s journey.”

Chris Stacey 

Managing Director, Schools

Craig continues:
“We now have the opportunity to present a broad choice of schools all within one group. The schools will be able to highlight their individual characteristics enabling students, parents and agents to make the best choice for each child.
“This is also an opportunity to continue to move the schools forward with a common education philosophy. I intend to leverage the fantastic teaching skills and learning advice for students present throughout the group under the guidance of an experienced academic advisor.”
Karin Askham is appointed Managing Director, Arts and Enterprise. In this exciting new role, Karin will lead the development of the Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts (CSVPA) brand globally and its journey to achieve degree awarding powers. She will also lead on creating arts and enterprise opportunities for students across the CATS Global Schools network and in partnership with world-renowned third-party organisations. In addition, she retains her responsibilities as Rector of CSVPA and continues to provide strategic leadership for CATS Boston, including academic outcomes, progression opportunities, and the arts curriculum development at further and higher education levels.

“This is an extremely exciting time in education, where educational models have been disrupted and reimagined, empowering the next generation of creative thinkers and makers, thought leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.”

Karin Askham

Managing Director, Arts & Enterprise & Rector, Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts

Karin continues:
“Guiding and defining those models with our outstanding academic subject leaders here at CGS will provide truly life-changing experiences for our students.”
Joe Butterfield joins the senior team as Finance Director. Previously Head of Finance for the group, Joe joined the company in 2014, initially leading the analytics team before assuming the responsibility of the Financial Planning and Analytics (FP&A) department. Wayne Ledger moves to the leadership team in his current role as IT Director, with extensive experience in IT transformation, acquisition, improvement, and implementation roles, having worked across various sectors, including Formula 1.
Also joining the senior team in their current roles are Carl Roberton and Ruth Fenton, with a remit to oversee Stafford House, the group’s English language division. Carl Roberton, General Manager, has previously held positions of Principal, Senior Principal, and Director of Short Courses. Lead 5050 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Ruth Fenton, Director brings her experience of advocating for a more inclusive environment for women, especially at the senior leadership level.
Chris Stacey, CEO, comments:
“The new leadership structure recognises and promotes the talent that has sustained success throughout the pandemic.
“I’m delighted to be joined by such accomplished and talented peers committed to developing the organisation, focused on inspiring the next generation of world shapers through outstanding education.
“This is the team that will drive performance, leading by example to achieve our strategic plan.
Tim Gladston, People & Engagement Director; Polly Tzortzi, Global Marketing Director; Katya Bryzgalova, Global Sales Director; Joe Chen, Director of Education and Operations, CATS and CSVPA China; and Sam Huang, Director of Marketing and Business Development, CATS and CSVPA China continue in their current senior leadership positions.
In addition, CATS Global School is also seeking a Chief Academic Advisor to maintain and improve student outcomes and teaching and learning best practice under a united education philosophy. This role will establish and lead an Education Committee with representation from across the schools at all levels – teachers, middle and senior leaders.
These appointments come at a time of success for the organisation, which has recently received the following accolades: Sunday Times Welsh Independent Secondary School of the Decade (St Michael’s School); Most Diverse Private High School in Massachusetts by Niche (CATS Academy Boston); Study Travel Secondary School Award Chain School of the Year (CATS Colleges in the UK & US).
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