St Michael’s School named one of the top independent schools in Wales

St Michael’s School has been named one of the top independent schools in Wales, securing an impressive #2 ranking in the annual Sunday Times Parent Power Guide.

This latest accolade further solidifies St Michael’s academic excellence after it was hailed Welsh Independent Secondary School of the Decade by the Sunday Times in 2021. More recently, it was ranked 13th in The Telegraph’s Best UK Private Schools by A-level Results earlier this year.

“What fantastic news to again be recognised for our students’ achievements. Our results are a natural product of the students here and reflect their strengths and abilities. While no school can guarantee top results for every child, we can certainly say that our offering is guaranteed to harness a child’s potential.”

Benson Ferrari

Headmaster, St Michael’s School

The Parent Power guide is seen as one of the most authoritative surveys of the country’s top schools, evaluating academic results on a school-by-school basis.

St Michael’s School remains committed to fostering an environment that not only celebrates academic excellence but also nurtures the unique potential of every child.