Sixty per cent of CATS Global Schools’ students hold an offer from a Russell Group university

Many students seeking to progress to university later this year have now received their much-anticipated offers. However, students shouldn’t worry if they have yet to hear from their preferred institution, as the absolute final deadline for decisions to be made on applications received by the deadline is not until 30 June 2024.

This year, 3 in every 5 CATS Global Schools (CGS) students have received an offer from a prestigious Russell Group university. The Russell Group comprises 24 members, including Cambridge and Oxford, and is globally recognised for its commitment to world-class research and academic excellence. 

CGS Managing Director Schools, Dr Craig Wilson, commended the students’ accomplishments, stating:

“Each year our students dedicate themselves to securing coveted offers from Russell Group universities, known for their unparalleled reputation in research and innovation.”

Dr Wilson adds:

“This year’s figures again show our students’ hard work and commitment have paid off. It also underscores our high academic standards and exceptional higher education counselling our students receive.”

Dr Craig Wilson

Managing Director School, CGS

Dr Wilson adds:

“With offers in varied subjects from Medicine and Neuroscience to Chemical Engineering and International Relations, students aim to immerse themselves in research and innovation to impact the future economy and society.

“Well done to all our offer holders, and I wish all our students every success as they prepare for their upcoming exams.”

“I am pretty confident that Cybersecurity will be my perfect match for my future career. I am really thankful to the staff who are helping me with my application, especially the personal statement.”

Bosworth Independent School student, Andrii, has five offers to study Computer Science, including one Russell Group member, University of York