CATS Global Schools rebrands three UK schools

CATS Global Schools is proud to announce that our three CATS UK schools have rebranded.

CATS Global Schools launched in 2021 to build a strong global network of independent boarding schools, an Arts School, English language schools and a variety of summer programmes, all with the common purpose of “inspiring the next generation of world shapers”.

Since 1952, CATS Cambridge, CATS Canterbury and CATS London have delivered high-quality teaching to students from around the world.

Over the last 70 years, our CATS UK schools have developed three distinct educational experiences to fit the many different needs of its students. As they celebrated their past and looked to the future, the exciting decision was made to rebrand the three schools. This rebrand has been undertaken to better showcase the unique student experience and the individual school communities the students and staff are so proud to be a part of.

From 12 October 2022, CATS Canterbury becomes The Worthgate School, CATS London becomes Guildhouse School, London and CATS Cambridge will continue to carry the heritage of the CATS name. However, its logo and brand colours have changed.

“This rebrand marks a significant milestone and is an evolution of the strategic positioning of the group globally, with a portfolio of schools that provides clear USPs for our prospective parents and students. Our main priorities continue to be a global community of schools offering excellent student experiences and outcomes above all else.”

Chris Stacey

CEO, CATS Global Schools

Our new school brands

“Inspire, Empower, Achieve”
Formerly CATS Canterbury, the Worthgate School has been inspiring and empowering students to achieve for over 70 years. The Worthgate School campus is nestled in a leafy corner of historic Canterbury, a city that is renowned for its safety and beauty, and for being home to three universities that have educated generations of young minds.
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“At The Worthgate School, we work tirelessly to promote a culture where students are unafraid of challenges and actively embrace them, building tenacity and resilience and ultimately a passion for life-long learning.”

Nicola Robinson

Acting Principal, Worthgate School, Canterbury

“Where change makers are made”
Formerly CATS London, Guildhouse School, London has spent the last 10 years perfecting their approach. Through their core values they build their students’ confidence and decision-making capabilities by nurturing their intuition and creativity so they can problem solve, make an impact, and become effective change makers.
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“We are excited to showcase our innovative, creative and impactful approach to pre-university education in central London. Guildhouse School will be where the next changes makers are made!”

James Slocombe

Headmaster, Guildhouse School, London

“Education, excellence and innovation in the heart of Cambridge”
Unlike the other CATS UK schools, CATS Cambridge has not changed. However, its school logo and visual identity will change. CATS Cambridge is a school for the best who want to be their very best. Their mission is to unlock potential, to set students on a path to realise their aspirations, and to prepare them for that journey so they can navigate all the opportunities and challenges that life casts their way.
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“These are exciting times for CATS Cambridge. CATS has long been all about innovation, wisdom and responsibility. The new strategy builds on this, the focus on academic excellence really will enable us to deliver for the best who want to be their very best.”

Dominic Tomalin

Principal, CATS Cambridge

Thank you

Thank you to all our partners, students and parents who have supported our CATS UK schools over the last 70 years. We are grateful for your continued support as we start this exciting new chapter.
An FAQ is also available to answer any questions about our rebrand.