CATS Global Schools offers teachers and academic leaders world-class professional development

CGS has become a UCL Institute of Education delivery partner for National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) in academic leadership to continue to support teachers in driving excellence in the classroom.
CGS has already started delivering its first leadership cohorts on two programmes – Leading Teaching and Senior Leadership, which conclude later this year.

“We’re proud to be a recognised partner of UCL. Their Institute of Education has the highest reputation in the world – consistently ranked #1 – and it’s exciting to share their expertise with our community and teachers and leaders in other schools too.”

Chris Stacey

CEO, CATS Global Schools

Louisa Horner, CATS Global Schools’ Learning & Development Lead, talks about the motivation behind running the programmes:
“As an organisation committed to helping our students go further, we need the very best teachers and academic leaders. Therefore, we wanted to deliver world-class academic leadership training.”
With CATS Global Schools’ institutions focusing on international as well as UK students, Louisa feels that our delivery of these programmes offers an unrivalled experience to teachers and academic leaders from other schools too.
The addition of the Newton Building and the development of eight newly refurbished science labs transforms the teaching facility for Bosworth Independent College, which now welcomes younger students, from Year 7.
This expansion helps CATS Global Schools realise its vision of inspiring the next generation of world shapers.

“It is evident from our participants’ feedback that our international perspective is an area which provides plenty of rich examples of educational practice. Being able to reflect confidently on different ways of learning and leading around the world makes us a unique delivery partner.”

Louisa Horner

Learning & Development Lead, CATS Global Schools

The start date for the next cohorts in Senior Leadership and Leading Teaching is February 2023. Participants can register with the Department for Education from October 2022 and will be prompted to complete a short application with UCL.
As part of the Government’s continued drive to ensure every pupil in England is taught by an excellent teacher, all UK state school teacher places will continue to be free for the next academic year – 23/24.
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