CATS Global Schools marks Mental Health Awareness Week

Today (15 May 2023) marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Week. Now in its 23rd year, it runs from 15-21 May and is hosted by the charity, Mental Health Foundation.
This year, the theme is ‘anxiety’.
CATS Global Schools will participate in the campaign by helping raise awareness of how to manage and improve feelings of anxiety and prevent them from developing into a more serious mental health problem.
We will share resources and tips from experts across our school community and other mental health professionals across our school social channels.
Chris Stacey

“Raising awareness of the importance of positive mental health with our students and staff is always a priority for CATS Global Schools.”

Chris Stacey 

CEO, CATS Global Schools

In addition, our school communities will be taking part in “Wear It Green Day” to raise money to help the Mental Health Foundation carry out vital research in this area.
Marking Mental Health Awareness Week is part of an ongoing focus on promoting positive mental health and wellbeing.
Recently, Worthgate, a CGS school, won an award for “Excellence and Innovation in Mental Health and Wellbeing” for ‘Need to Talk’, a 24/7 digital safe space accessible to all students. It encourages discussion around mental health and wellbeing and normalises the importance of accessing support. 
CATS Global Schools CEO Chris Stacey comments:
“Raising awareness of the importance of positive mental health with our students and staff is always a priority for CATS Global Schools.
“We know that younger people are more likely to have some form of anxiety, and in recent years we’ve seen a trend of higher levels among our students, brought on by a range of factors such as uncertainty caused by the pandemic and last-minute changes to exams.
“Therefore, our schools are prioritising various initiatives to educate and raise awareness of positive mental health, from wellness walks to student mental health champions. In addition, our schools offer safe and caring environments to support those experiencing anxiety with dedicated mental health first aiders.”
“Our staff also have access to a range of health and wellbeing initiatives to maintain positive mental health and wellbeing. For example, in addition to our employee assistance programme, which offers access to confidential counselling sessions, we’ve recently introduced a health cash plan, where employees can claim money back on health and wellbeing costs, and GP24/7, offering access to a GP whenever a staff member needs it.”
Alexa Charnley, Director of Fundraising and Communications at the Mental Health Foundation, adds:
“We all experience anxiety but sometimes it can get out of control and become a mental health problem. However, there are things we can do to manage feelings of anxiety and stop them becoming overwhelming. For example, breathing exercises, physical activity, speaking to a trusted friend, or keeping a diary. You can find more information and guidance on our website
“We hope people all over the UK will take part and help us to normalise conversations about anxiety and mental health. Most importantly, we hope people understand more about what they can do to manage anxiety and what other support is available.”
To find out how our schools are marking Mental Health Awareness Week, visit their dedicated social channels.
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