An opportunity and a privilege

CATS Global Schools has an amazing opportunity to help shape the lives of thousands of students worldwide; inspiring the leaders of the future, who will be responsible for making real societal change.
Our group brings together a number of institutions with the common purpose of “inspiring the next generation of world shapers”. Building on our diverse heritage, we are committed to academic excellence, education for tomorrow’s world and a positive environment.
What makes us distinctive is:

  • our dedication to academic excellence, a positive learning environment and a focus on education for tomorrow’s world
  • our celebration of diversity and inclusivity
  • our global reach
  • our well-developed links to higher education institutions
  • the commitment of our pioneering, persevering people to do the best for our students.
Our success is evidenced through the students who become part of our global community; their happiness and wellbeing and most importantly through their transition to their first-choice next steps and their readiness for the world which will be their future.
I firmly believe that the success of the group is a result of the commitment and dedication of every single person – staff, student, partner and parent – across the CATS Global Schools community.
I look forward to hearing about the success of our many CGS people – past, present and future.
Best wishes
Chris Stacey
CATS Global Schools, Chief Executive Officer