Information for Partners

How is commissions calculated?

  • Your commission is paid on net revenue received as per your scheme document. This revenue amount does not include any other payments received for additional charges (insurance, academic materials, activities etc). In the event of a student leaving their course and getting a refund on their fees, your commission will be reduced proportionately.
  • Your commissions amount payable is calculated as a percentage of the tuition fees net of any discount in each payment period, less any prior period overpayments (due to withdrawals etc.)
  • You will be paid a base rate of commissions between 4 and 8 weeks after the start of each term.
  • Commissions is payable for the current academic year only, i.e. if a student is enrolled on a two-year programme, commissions for the second year of study will become payable in the second year itself rather than the first.


What are the payment dates?

  • For payment dates please see below
  • We will send you your commissions statement within 4 weeks of the ‘Date of Commissions Statement Distribution’ date
  • Once you have confirmed the details to be correct, payment will proceed within 4-5 business days. (Please note that the bank transfer can then take up to 10 days to reach your account.)
  • No commissions will be paid before the student has arrived at the school and enrolled on the chosen course of study and paid their tuition fees in full for at least the first term of study. If tuition fees are not received by this date, any commissions payment due will be paid in the next payment period.
  • If a student pays for the full years’ fees upfront, the commission will also be paid for the full year upfront.


How will I get paid?

  • You will be paid by bank transfer into the account nominated by you. If you have not done so already please forward your account details on company letter headed paper signed by an authorised signatory to


When will my commissions rate be reviewed?

  • Your commissions rate will be reviewed on an annual basis with your CATS Global Schools representative. Your remuneration scheme is fixed on an academic year basis, so will apply from September through to the following August.
  • We will issue you a ‘Remuneration Scheme’ as an appendix to your contract with CATS Global Schools, confirming your remuneration rate for the academic year.


What about my branch accounts?

  • If you have specified that you would like all commissions to be paid through a particular office, this will be arranged for you. You will clearly see a breakdown of this on your commissions statement. For compliance reason, contracts must be in place with that particular office before any transactions can be made.


What about students who are continuing their studies with CATS Global Schools?

  • You will be paid your commissions for students deemed to be ‘Continuers’ at the same time as any commissions due for New students.
  • A student is deemed to be a Continuer for commission purposes once they have completed 3 academic terms at a UK centre or 2 semesters at a US centre, regardless of whether the student is going into the second year of the same programme – i.e. A level Year 2 – or the first year of a different programme.


Who to contact

  • For questions regarding your Representative Agreement or your specific commissions rate please contact your CATS Global Schools representative.
  • For questions regarding Summer School or Stafford House commission please contact the team at, quoting your full agency name and reference number wherever possible.
  • For questions regarding specific issues on Remuneration Statements for all other programmes please contact the team at, quoting your full agency name and reference number wherever possible.

Commissions Distribution Dates 2023-2024

UK/US Centres

Intake periodsDate of Commissions Statement Distribution
September 20231-15 November 2023
January 202412-26 Feb 2024
April 20241-14 May 2024
June 20241-14 July 2024
Summer School 20241-14 August 2024