CATS Global Schools
in China

CATS Global Schools, Beijing, China

Our team in Beijing, China, look forward to supporting students, parents or educational partners in mainland China who are looking to study in one of our schools.

Our dedicated team of experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, combining local insights with a global perspective. By understanding the unique dynamics of each market, we tailor our services and support to your specific needs.

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Room 101,
F/1, South Tower of China Overseas Plaza,
No. 8 Guanghua East,
Chaoyang District,
People’s Republic of China (PRC)


What services can you expect?

Advice and assistance

  • We can help you choose the right CATS Global School for your educational study plan in the UK or USA
  • We can advise on entry requirements to find the best schooling option for you.
  • We can support you with your application submission.


Appointments, interviews and pre-arrival sessions

  • Hosting and coordination of interviews or necessary entry tests.
  • Appointments with visiting teachers and heads of schools to understand what you can expect from a CATS Global Schools’ education
  • Pre-arrival sessions, where you and your family can meet other new and current students aiming to study with us.


Workshops, seminars and events

  • Workshops, seminars, and events featuring alumni or current CATS Global school students.
  • Advice on choosing an education partner.